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The Saints 2017-18 Season

For the duration of the 2017-18 season this will be the jumping off point for the sections on the change of ownership, the new manager, new players, Premier League, League Cup and FA Cup.

Saints have a new manager, Mauricio Pellegrino who was appointed in June 2017 and he has had his hands full ever since, what with Virgil van Dijk's well publicised spat with the club over his wish to be transferred to Liverpool. Someone will write a book about this one day. It will not be me.

This was followed by the long mooted takeover by Jisheng Gao and his daughter Mrs. Nelly Gao in August.

Somehow football was squeezed in to the diaries.

The latest section added is the page on which we pay tribute to Rickie Lambert's career, always affectionately known as SRL (for Sir Rickie Lambert of course) on IBO.