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Saints Disabled Supporters Association

The Saints Disabled Supporters Association (SDSA) was formally setup during a meeting held at St Mary’s stadium in September 2010. At the meeting, the initial 5 supporters that had the idea for the SDSA, asked for extra supporters to form the first committee. The committee of 8 have met monthly since September, and have started to build the links with Southampton FC to allow meaningful discussions when issues arise

The SDSA committee welcome contact from disabled supporters of Saints, whether it be problems encountered during a home game or suggestions on changes that would enhance the matchday experience of disabled supporters. The committee would also like to know about problems encountered while visiting an away ground, and if appropriate the issues raised will be passed to the away club

Membership is £3 for the 2011/2012 season, and although aimed at disabled supporters, it is open to anyone that wants to be a part of making Saints the best club for disabled supporters in the Championship (and eventually the Premiership). Associate membership is free and available for anyone that wants to follow the SDSA but doesn’t want to take part in the voting at AGMs. Anyone under 16 can also become a member for free, but will not be able to vote

To find out more, please visit, call us on 07866 150784,
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