team 2012-13
Barclays Premier League
St. Mary's - Saturday 16th March 2013

Southampton 3

  • Schneiderlin 6′
  • Lambert 33′
  • Rodriguez 80′

Liverpool 1

  • Coutinho 45'
Ref: Dowd
Att: 32,070

Not much to argue about here, apart from the odd scoring of a couple of players. In truth it was a wonderful game and Crash tells it like it is.


Match Report:

We were as good in this game as we were bad against QPR, that makes us very good indeed in this game, I was purring as were our midfield during this superlative display.

You know sometimes football games you enjoy are because the other team played rubbish and we put them to the sword (think Manchester city this year)? Well this wasn’t anything like that, Liverpool were okay, we didn’t let them play much but they were by no means as pathetic as man city were and we still put them to the sword… Fantastic stuff.

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Player Ratings:

Boruc: Had a great game, mad Arthur made some very important saves and, some of them were more difficult than they looked, was very strong, came and claimed balls (and kept hold of them) and generally made himself the barrier we have been waiting to see goalkeeping for us for several bloody years now (respect to Kelvin but he hasn’t always looked impenetrable, Boruc pretty much did today). 7/10, did what he needed to do at the times he needed to do it, big up Mad Arthur, Sign him up for the next few years Don Cortese.

Yoshida: Maya was pretty good today, although his distribution is still patchy (I’m being generous here), his ability to read the game is pretty good and he did make some very good stops although there was one time (and really only one time, so this isn’t bad) when Suarez got the wrong side of him and Corky bailed him out. Good game though, 7/10.

Hooiveld: I wasn’t sure about him playing today, there’s games when he will be good (think Andy Carroll and Peter Crouch) and there are games when you wonder whether he is nimble enough (think Luis Suarez), actually he did okay today until he did what ever he did to himself, didn’t look comfortable coming off but a solid 6/10 for the amount of time he played.

Clyne: For me, this was the best I’ve seen this player, he was very good indeed. Tracking back, tackling, going forward, really starting to look what we all thought he could look like. A real candidate for man of the match, very impressed indeed with his defending, he must have really shown himself off to the watching England people. 9/10, he really was that good today.

Shaw: Another one, excellent today, much more the complete player just like Nathaniel but today what impressed me about Luke was his attacking play, he ran himself into the ground but before he did he really provides a great outlet down the left and not only that, he also managed to get back for three quarters of the match and cover his own position against some very pacey opposition in Downing. 9/10 another candidate for man of the match but started to flag towards the end, I guess he’s just showing his tender 17 years and in a couple more he will be an awesome machine!

Ramirez: Patchy, I’ve called him patchy before and he was kind of but he was also better, better than he has been in the last few games and showing some of that potential. I still believe he is carrying some kind of injury because he can’t do a whole game and it’s very obvious that he can’t but some of the moves he pulls off are simply spectacular, you watch the pass for the first goal, brilliant stuff. People slagged him a bit for disappearing but I think considering he’s obviously carrying something he is pretty impressive, 7.5/10 he can’t get a higher score because he didn’t play enough of the game but there are definite signs of him coming back and if we can sort that thigh out (or whatever the hell it is?) We will start to see our 12 million quid’s worth.

Jack Cork: I love this guy, he is simply spectacularly impressive, his game is what allows the rest of the team to sparkle and for me, that makes him sparkle. I keep giving him man of the match so I’m going to make a change today but let me just say I think this guy has got more than two hearts, and probably extra other bodily organs as well, really is the grease that makes the Southampton machine move smoothly and effectively. 9/10, my heart swells when I see him moving around the pitch, absolutely wonderful.

Schneiderlin: Much more like the Spiderman we all know and love, very impressive, with Corky purring along side him he just looked impressive. Finished off a beautiful move for the first goal and by and large bitched Allen & Gerard for the 95 minutes, simply wonderful and he was really showing what he can do today. 9/10, man of the match candidate yet again (we had a lot of them in this game).

Lallana: Looked much more impressive today although I can say he needs to do a bit more shooting practice, last year he would have finished off at least two of the chances he missed today. Nevertheless, lovely to see him starting to get that triangle thing going with Ramirez/Rodriguez & Rickie, starting to come back again in his usual fashion of getting better as he gets more games under his belt after an injury. 7/10, sharpen up but keep on the way you’re going Adam.

Lambert: I keep seeing him after missing that sitter, he just looked mortally embarrassed… I can’t say I blame him as he should have scored that, nevertheless, the freekick he did score even if it was a bit less majestic than he has scored was only just not just for him but for Southampton. As usual, he was important for us going forward, he is the fulcrum we work around but, I’m very glad to say, it seems we didn’t just dump it up to him today and expect him to take on an entire defence on his own, when he needed to he was very good with his chest, his head or his feet but today he again showed how he can enable everyone else to play beautiful football. Glad he got his goal, 8/10, should score more and will.

Rodriguez: Today J Rod came of age for me, he’s still not finished, he still has a lot to learn but, and this is vastly important, he exhibited vision, touch, passion, pace, and stamina that really and truly show what he can become if he wants to. Today he gets man of the match, another 9/10, he should have finished some other chances that he missed but today he epitomised Poccetino’s football more eloquently than I could in a book, let alone a paragraph. Brilliant stuff J Rod more please and really well done.


Fonte: Came on for Hooiveld, strange wobbly five minutes when everyone adjusted and then looked pretty impressive I have to say, never looked particularly fazed, kept up and looked extremely fit (fitter than I’ve seen him look ever) and generally did okay to drink he didn’t start and get into the rhythm of the game that way. 7/10, a couple of issues but generally very good

Steven Davis: Was brought on just when we were starting to lose the middle of the pitch, the energy was gone and we needed somebody to snap at the opposition’s heels and inject some impetus in our high closing down game. He did that very well, you could sense the change in our game almost from the moment he came on and although you couldn’t say of him “oh he came on and did XXX or had 16 shots on goal” you can say he definitely came on and played his part. This is the substitution he should have made against QPR and cost us at least a point. 7/10, very professional

Guly: For me the one fly in the ointment, he was fecking excrement, and I’m not being too harsh here, he really was bloody, buggering, fecking awful. If anyone had nearly cost us the game it would have been this Muppet, absolutely nothing good to say about him at all other than he looked okay as long as he stayed on the bench. 1/10, kick his arse.


This is the team we’ve been waiting to see since they played man city. This is the performance we knew they could put in against a pretty good team who are in form. Basically, this was bloody great and if the football highlights this evening do not show us completely dominating this game for large patches and Liverpool being restricted to only the odd chance, and they did have the chance admittedly, then there is no justice and certainly no football fans at the BBC let alone Sts ones.

The system worked today, everyone played their part and did it well (don’t mention the Brazilian), I thought we restricted Liverpool to chances created by their very good players (and no mistake, they do have some very very good players). It was a very professional performance by most and by some, I’m thinking Clyne, Shaw, Morgan, Corky & Rodriguez, a bloody brilliant one.

The only thing I will say is that we have a really good first 16, I’m not sure we’ve got anything past that and there’s definitely some holes in our backup (and possibly our first 11). We need to recruit carefully and not by people just because it looks like a bargain (Mayuka) and never play them again, we need to be clever in lots of different ways not just with money.

Anyway, don’t want to bring you down in any way, we were really good today and if we can get this kind of game on a consistent basis, because we haven’t managed this consistently previously, we will be easy to the end of the season and bloody impressive next year when we get some more recruits in.

Crash 16.03.2013



31 Boruc
02 Clyne
03 Yoshida
05 Hooiveld (Fonte - 31' )
23 Shaw
04 Schneiderlin
10 Ramirez (S Davis - 55' )
18 Cork
20 Lallana (Guly - 84' )
07 Lambert
09 Rodriguez

01 K Davis
06 Fonte
15 Forren
08 S Davis
16 Ward-Prowse
21 Guly
42 Puncheon


01 Jones
02 Johnson
03 Jose Enrique
05 Agger
37 Skrtel
08 Gerrard
10 Phillippe Coutinho
19 Downing
24 Allen (Lucas - 46' )
07 Suarez Booked
15 Sturridge (Henderson - 83' )

42 Gulacsi
47 Wisdom
14 Henderson
21 Lucas
33 Shelvey
44 Ibe
30 Suso

Match Stats


  • Southampton 58%
  • Liverpool 42%


  • Southampton 17
  • Liverpool 8

On target

  • Southampton 12
  • Liverpool 6


  • Southampton 7
  • Liverpool 5


  • Southampton 10
  • Liverpool 10