team 2012-13
Barclays Premier League
St. Mary's - Saturday 2nd March 2013

Southampton 1

  • Ramírez 45'


  • Remy 14'
  • Bothroyd 77'
Ref: H. Webb
Att: 31,728

Once again The Beast (AKA Crash), covered this game before I had even got home from the match!


Match Report:

Okay, the bus has now officially ground to a halt and someone is in the process of nicking all the wheels.

This is the report I didn’t want to be writing regarding a distinct lack of anything looking like improvement, in fact, we look like we are going backwards from the Newcastle game.

So, no centre back on the bench and a return for José Fonte, apart from Fox at left back I would say this was our first choice11 (Johnny foreigner being strangely absent again and, for all I know, being absolutely crap?)

I thought we would probably win this one reasonably easily but, and there isn’t always a but but there was this time, there was that nagging little voice saying “let’s hope they really don’t play like they did the last time”… Did they… What do you think?

Player Ratings:

Boruc: Had nothing to do except, unfortunately, pick the ball out of the net TWICE! I thought he might have got closer to the first one if I’m honest but, saying that, it was well taken and he didn’t have a lot of a chance with it so I’m certainly not blaming him for this. His distribution was adequate but occasionally risky, I can’t really think of anything else to say about him, involved so little other than as somewhere for the defenders to pass back to (which they did an awful lot) I’m just going to score him 5/10.

Yoshida: An absolute shower of shit today. Worst game I’ve seen him play, excluding arsenal which wasn’t really his fault, two significant feck ups and two goals… Did somethings all right but didn’t really have a massive amount to do except the things that he didn’t do. Nothing else to say3/10.

Fonte: Did surprisingly well after being out for so long, even made a reasonable job at becoming a attacking player during our last desperate attempt to get something on the goal, nevertheless, we lost6/10.

Clyne: I thought he did okay but he was all too willing to let Puncheon take the ball off him when he could have run at defenders. However, one of our better players on the day. He worked well with Punch but it didn’t seem to get us anywhere very much, a good player let down by his teammates and an unexpectedly ineffective tactical decision from the boss. 6/10

Fox: After Newcastle I was not looking forward to seeing him but he did all right, it was only after he came off that Shaw conspired with Maya to gift QPR the three points so I guess he did all right while he was on and he went forward much more than he used to, it wasn’t really all that effective, a bit like Clyne, but despite people slagging off fullbacks running forward and leaving centre backs exposed I thought he did all right and it wasn’t particularly dangerous, or it shouldn’t have been if his team mates had done their jobs properly. 6/10

Puncheon: Today was “ let’s turn in from the right wing onto our left foot” day, that’s pretty much what he did for the entire game except the bit when he went to the left and that’s about it. He did cover back when required but had an exceptionally poor touch today, unusual int hat he has been getting better in that regard but not very effective. 5/10

Jack Cork: Our best player without a shadow of doubt, in the second half he was mighty and if he could only add an attacking element to his game he would be a guaranteed first choice for England and first on the wish list for Alex Ferguson. 8/10, great game shame it was only him having one.

Schneiderlin: Spluttered, surged, disappeared,popped up again, not really himself but, not really awful either, I wonder if the attention is getting to him? 6/10, a lot of possession but not necessarily a lot coming out of that possession.

Lallana: Looked better than Newcastle then got brained and wobbled off, 5/10, not for any other reason than obviously couldn’t affect the game particularly from the dressing room.

Lambert: We kept looking for him, he kept trying to be found but it was a little impoverished as SRL performances go.Unfortunately, he is no longer our centre forward, he is pivotal to what we do, but I don’t think he had a shot today, sorry but I want him to be a striker as well as all the other things he is becoming/has become… Too bad if that’s asking too much? 6/10

Ramirez: Patchy, scored a good poacher’s goal but never looked like being as effective as he was in his early games for us. I wonder whether he has been affected by the Adkins thing? All that positivity definitely would be good for someone like our Gáston, looked knackered when he came off but he did run a bit so that’s not surprising. 6/10, like I said, patchy


Rodriguez: Came on for the injured Lallana, immediately had a shot on goal and thereby created our goal. I think at that point that was one of the few attempts on goal we had actually had! Anyway, game plan aside, looked very positive and full of running, still trying things that aren’t coming off but if they had a couple of them were special, I look forward to the time when they do come off for him as it will be a goal of the month. 7/10, a positive performance and nice to see improvement from him.

James Ward-Prowse: Came on just before they scored their goal, not really sure why as I think Steven Davis might have been a better choice but I guess he was trying to get that useful energy into doing something (not sure what, more of that later). Was a busy player in the small part he played, still one for the future but did okay for a very short time 6/10

Shaw: Came on as a substitute for Fox, unfortunately he then “did a Fox”by totally missing his tackle and allowing the cross into the box from whichQPR scored the winning goal. Whatever, everybody misses one occasionally but he didn’t look all that comfy or good today 5/10 and I’m being generous.


All this “pressing”, it wasn’t there, everyone looked lethargic and we missed loads of second balls and although we did have the ball quite a lot, we really achieved next to nothing with it and QPR were quite happy for us to play like that, we just couldn’t get through or we fired the ball straight at man mountain Chris Samba, he could well end up being £12 million well spent?

We were just very poor today,everyone has a bad day at the office but we’ve had two now and it seems like we didn’t have anything that could change that in the locker. We just came on and did the same stuff again and again and it didn’t work again and again, that’s not only frustrating but bloody irritating and something I thought we had seen the last of with the change of management… Seems not?

So, they came for a smash and grab and they smashed and grabbed, we made it really easy for them and the only person who got their tactics right on the day was unfortunately all twitchy.

Things are going to get very hairy from here on in.

Crash 02.03.2013



31 Boruc
02 Clyne
03 Yoshida
06 Fonte Booked
13 Fox (Shaw - 57' )
04 Schneiderlin
10 Ramirez (Ward-Prowse - 74' )
18 Cork
20 Lallana (Rodriguez - 43' )
42 Puncheon
07 Lambert

01 K Davis
22 Richardson
23 Shaw
08 S Davis
16 Ward-Prowse
21 Guly
09 Rodriguez


33 Julio Cesar (Green - 74' )
03 Traore Booked
05 Samba
06 Hill
19 Bosingwa
07 Park Ji-sung
14 Granero (Jenas - 53' )
40 M'bia Booked
18 Remy
23 Hoilett
37 Bothroyd Booked (Fabio - 90' )

01 Green
15 Onuoha
20 Fabio
10 Taarabt
16 Jenas
29 Townsend
12 Mackie

Match Stats


  • Southampton 55%
  • QPR 45%


  • Southampton 17
  • QPR 5

On target

  • Southampton 9
  • QPR 3


  • Southampton 6
  • QPR 3


  • Southampton 7
  • QPR 15